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[info]willpower: Hal Jordan

In brightest day, in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those that worship evil's might,
beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

Player Info;

Name/Handle: Diana
Are you 18 or over?: Alas, yes.

Character Info;

Source work and author: DC Comics, created by John Broome and Gil Kane, written by Dennis O'Neal and Geoff Johns
Door: DC
Character Journal name: | [info]willpower
Character Name: Hal Jordan, Green Lantern
Character Age: Appears to be mid 30's
Character Played By: Chris Pine

Character History and Personality:
[History taken from pre-Flashpoint and the New 52.]

There was a ring (gifted from the dying alien Abin Sur), a lantern, and an Oath.

Before that, he was simply Hal, son of Marty and Jessica, the younger brother of Jack and older brother of Jim. Out of both his brothers, he was the one that idolized their father, an Air Force test pilot and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Some children would have turned their backs on such a dream after witnessing their idol die in a horrific plane crash, but not Hal. His dream had always been in the cockpit of an airplane and the day he turned 18, he was waiting at the recruitment office of the Air Force before they opened. He gladly signed over everything to follow in his father's footsteps.

While working out of Edwards Air Force base, a badly injured Abin Sur crash landed in the desert. His ring had one final task: to locate a worthy replacement. It located Hal and everything changed.

The ring (and not the ring that Carol was expecting, yeah he blew that one) was given to him. The lantern as well, but the Oath came later. And once the Oath was spoken, he was a member of the Green Lantern Corps, charged with policing sector 2814. There was training on Oa, the little blue trolls known as the Guardians, and the Book of Oa which held all the laws he was to uphold. (Supposed to, anyway. He goes with his gut instinct.)

What followed after was nothing he could have come up with in all his wildest dreams. There were 3600 sectors and one Green Lantern for each. There was Parallax, the physical embodiment of the yellow light of fear. There was Sinestro, another Green Lantern who turned his back on the Green Lanterns and took up the yellow ring to head the Sinestro Corps. There was Green Arrow, a close friend that reminded him that while he might be policing their sector of space, there was still an Earth that needed him too. And of course, there was the Justice League. His friends and comrades and even if they didn't always see eye to eye, they were a team. (And yeah, okay, he's still trying to impress them and he doesn't understand why Batman talks in a low gravelly voice, but whatever. They're a team.)

Then there was the unthinkable, the things which never entered his thoughts even after his mind had already been expanded by the Corps. Coast City was destroyed by Cyborg Superman and Mongul, and all of his life was reduced to a crater and smoldering ash. Seeking to fill the void, he attempted to use his ring to recreate everything within Coast City, including the people that had once existed there. It did not go unnoticed. Summoned back to Oa by the guardians, he went, but not before he defeated every obstacle they placed in his path, up to and including those he had once called friends. Taking their rings, he entered the Central Power Battery after killing Sinestro and laid waste to what remained of the Corps and the Guardians.

He emerged as the fresh embodiment of Parallax and returned to Earth, hellbent on restoring Coast City. If that was not possible, then a reboot of the universe was needed. Neither happened before he was defeated by those he once called friends.

Guilt ridden about his possession by Parallax, he did two things to help alleviate his guilt. The first was to resurrect Oliver Queen, his old friend, and the second was to destroy the Sun-Eater and restart the Earth's sun. That he had to fly into the sun and kill himself in the process was not a factor.

He was also dead until the Spectre needed a fresh host. (And really, he's tired of people trying to possess him. No more. Really. The universe can stop now.) During their time together, Hal attempted to shift the Spectre's mission from vengeance to redemption with little success. The Spectre would later explain to him that while he had been trapped in the battery, he had been possessed by Parallax. The entity was able to take control of the Spectre, until Hal was able to regain control and separate them both from his soul. Ganthet (useful little blue troll) was able to guide Hal's soul back to his body and he was reborn as Hal Jordan, Green Lantern. Together with several others, they defeated Sinestro, and re-captured Parallax to imprison him once more in the central battery. The Corps was reborn.

It wasn't enough to make up for all that he did. He rejoined the Corps and the Justice League and when the Sinestro Corps targeted Coast City for destruction, he was the one to urge the populace to evacuate. Instead, they chose to place green lanterns outside and Hal, along with Kyle Rayner, defeated Sinestro once more and placed him under arrest.

What came after was known as the War of Light. In school, children learned about the visible light spectrum -- ROYGBIV. And for each of those letters, there were different lanterns. The Red Lanterns of rage, Larfleeze with his single orange lantern, the Blue Lanterns, the Star Sapphires, and the Indigo Tribe. All had their part to play in what was coming. The War brought them together, but it was the rise of the Black Lanterns that proved why as the dead across every sector rose to meet the call of the black rings.

Together they defeated Nekron and his Black Lanterns. Hal would once more join with Sinestro to free the one thing Sinestro cared about -- Korugar, his homeworld, currently enslaved by the Sinestro Corps. The alliance would lead them to find out about the Guardians plan to destroy the Green Lantern Corps. Driven mad, they employed another lantern, Black Hand, to kill both Hal and Sinestro. Drawn into his ring, Hal and Sinestro were both lost in the Dead Zone. While Sinestro used Earth's new Green Lantern to leave the zone, Hal was left behind and with few choices once he learned of Korugar's destruction, he sought to escape. He leapt, trying to span the crevasse between the Dead Zone and the living world --

And died. Again.

The ring of a Black Lantern found it's way to him and he willed himself back to flesh, with the help of Iroque, a member of the Indigo Tribe. Will, and the power to enact one's will, was everything. It was what made him a Green Lantern, only this time it wasn't a construct he was making.

Then he found himself in the mind of a young woman named Taylor. She does not break the law, but he does not feel like she lives truly within it, or anywhere else for that matter. Unsure of what to make of her, he waits to see who she will become and if he must separate himself from her or not.

Journal/Key: The key is a ring, worn on the middle finger of the left hand. The journal is still an iPad 3, only this one is covered in a well loved and worn brown leather case. A close look on the back reveals an engraving that reads 2814, but the lines are not nearly as well defined as they used to be. On the front is the Air Force Logo but that too is worn down almost to the point of not being visible.


Oliver Queen/Green Arrow: Though quite different, Hal still counts Ollie as one of his best friends.
Bruce Wayne/Batman: The Dark Knight, aka his only superpower is skulking about in the shadows. filled by [info]onerule
Clark Kent/Superman: Another alien, not dying. filled by [info]kryptonslast
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: He's staying away from that whip. filled by [info]whipoftruth
Barry Allen/Flash: The other best friend.
Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire: The woman he can't quite stay away from.
Sinestro: The ally turned nemesis.

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